The CC1-Suite is a suite of software solutions for commodity industry: Coffee, Cocoa, Cotton, Sugar, Nuts, Pepper, Metal etc.

CC1-Suite is made up of 4 independent modules which can be linked together for the complete traceability system.

Cajá: Commodity Trade Risk Management System.

Powerful and infinitely scaleable trading system to manage contract administration, shipping, hedging (Futures and FX), risk position and accounting.


Module dedicated to managing your procurement in agricultural industry.

For use by Cooperatives, Exporters, Warehouse keepers, Traders etc.


Module dedicated to monitoring quality in agricultural industry.

Designed for use by Coops, Quality Control Bodies, Exporters, Traders, Industries, Warehouses, Processors, Roasters etc.

Module dedicated to managing a sustainability program in agricultural industry.

Suitable for Certification bodies, Government programmes, Cooperatives, Exporters, Social Donors, Traders etc.


PCR was founded in 1980 as an economic research consultancy specialising in the application of quantitative techniques to commodity market forecasting.

We have been engaged in commercial software for commodity traders since 1982 - combining the IT skills required for the programming of complex model solution routines with tacit knowledge of trading operations and procedures.

The directors’ many years of experience in commodity research and origin procurement afford unique insight into our commodity trade customers’ requirements.